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Build the team! Help us identify and recruit 25 new members before Halloween!

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  • September 11, 2018 at 2:56 pm
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Your Young Conservatives of Chesterfield are planning a comprehensive recruitment drive to flood our meetups with new members.

Meeting more like-minded people is great, and by working together to accomplish what we already agree on we can start making concrete changes in our community that cut government overreach and reduce waste, and increase liberty you can see for yourself.

To build that network and team we’re running a comprehensive Recruitment Drive to recruit 25 new members and start launching projects.

Word of mouth and Facebook events are just the start. Our comprehensive plan includes Digital Ads, Email blasts, and targeted mail campaigns to reach folks outside of our own connections.

YCC will reach 250 targeted folks for less that $175 ($90 for printing, $65 for delivery, and $20 for taxes and fees). Hundreds of people can be reached for just a few dollars on Facebook.

As much as we’ve grown already, we need to kick-up the pace to begin launching all the projects we have in the works.

If we’re successful, we could triple our team by the end of the year. But only with your help.

That’s why I hope you’ll pitch in $20 towards our recruitment drive today.

But I know many of us our hurting for money.

If you can’t afford $20, even $10 or $5 goes a long way. And if anything is too much you could help promote our events on social media to plug in new members.

Concentrated teams with a unified purpose can make a big difference.

Thank you,


Young Conservatives Virginia

We're a network and launchpad for liberty-minded and conservative young professionals, recent grads, and students.

YCC meetups are hosted 1-2 times per month and regularly host speakers or connect with liberty-minded campaigns to make a concrete changes that break down government overreach, increase transparency, and promote solid liberty-minded leaders.