Would You Like To Win Money That Has Real Value?

What if there was a way to help everyone get a little extra money to get by on?

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  • August 23, 2019 at 3:26 pm
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The Liberty Dollar Wealth Builders Club is designed to help people make a little extra spending money to help make ends meet. There are games and simple tasks that will let everyone win or earn points that they can then convert to Liberty Dollars in digital form, or eLD. There are enough points available for everyone to win enough to help them get things they want or need, and the more they learn about Liberty Dollars, the more opportunities will come their way.

I believe that there are many, many people who could use the extra spending power that comes with Liberty Dollars, but getting the word out to people about this has not been easy, so I’m trying to raise enough money to do some serious advertising.  With $5000, I can produce and place some short TV and Radio commercials, work with some major influencers and reach the people who need a little help the most.

Membership is free. This is not a get-rich scheme for anyone, but a legitimate way to start earning and winning Liberty Dollars and spending them. Please help me reach out to as many people as I can to help them live a little better with the silver-backed spending power of Liberty Dollars. eLD can be used just like money at Liberty Dollar General Store to buy groceries, clothing, electronics and a lot more, and new items are being added every day.

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Wayne Live Oak, FL https://libertydollarwealth.com

My name is Wayne Hicks. I had the privilege of meeting Bernard von NotHaus in 2003, when the Liberty Dollar was just entering its greatest level of popularity. I became involved when there was $5,000,000.00 worth of this silver-backed alternative currency in circulation and was lucky enough to get my entire community taking it, so when Bernard came by to visit me one day, I enjoyed taking him around town and watching him laugh with delight as he spent Liberty Dollars almost everywhere. He was so impressed at what I'd accomplished that he asked me to begin teaching others how to get it into circulation, and two years later there was almost $85,000,000.00 in circulation. That was an amazing growth, and it got the attention of the government.

Since then, I watched Bernard get arrested and charged with counterfeiting, and he was ultimately convicted, though not because his money looked like US dollars. It was because he had been using silver rounds as money, which is prohibited by federal law (18 USC 486). He was threatened with more than 20 years in federal prison, but the judge recognized that he had never intended to violate the law and was lenient. Instead of going to prison, he served only one year of probation.

About a year ago, right after my wife Kathy and I moved to Florida, I got in touch with Bernard again. Since he was also living in Florida, he came to visit, and we reminisced about "the good old days" of the Liberty Dollar... and before I knew what was happening, Kathy had agreed to launch a whole new version! I was willing to help, of course, and I am now the VP of Marketing for the Liberty Dollar Network (https://libertydollar.net), which issues Silver-backed Warehouse Receipts to be used as money, both digitally and in paper currency that can be used anywhere.

One of the things Bernard dreamed of but never accomplished was to find a way to make it easy for everyone to get Liberty Dollars, even if they didn't have any money, and I've taken that dream to a new level. I've created a website where anyone can play games and win e-Points, or perform tasks to earn them, and those e-Points can then be converted to eLD (digital Liberty Dollars). eLD can be used at the Liberty Dollar General Store to buy almost anything, including groceries, clothing, furniture, electronics and more, or they can be withdrawn into paper Warehouse Receipts.