Transparency for elected officials accused of a crime

The City of Greeley voted down being transparent about elected officials criminal records

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  • July 28, 2019 at 11:58 pm
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The Greeley City Police Department chose to charge media outlets $256 for a police report concerning former House Rep. Rochelle Galindo, who was being investigated for sexual assault on a minor. The charges not only exceeded the amount allowed under state law, but when Complete Colorado reporter Sherrie Peif asked the city to waive those fees based on public interest, she was refused. In subsequent meetings when Peif asked City Council to consider new standards that would not charge credentialed media outlets police reports for elected officials or anyone running for public office if they were being investigated for a crime, city staff directly ignored a request by city council to bring back a resolution that would address that, and City Council ignored that city staff did not present what it was asked to.

This fundraiser would pay for the police report on Galindo. Once acquired, Complete Colorado will scan the report into a PDF and post publicly for all to see to stop the City of Greeley from capitalizing on the report far and above the law’s allowance.

No media outlet reporting on this story made the report public, and there are many questions still surrounding the police department’s choice to not recommend charges for sexual assault. Complete Colorado believes the answers are int hat report.

Any money raised above the initial report will go into a fund for future police reports that will also be made public.

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