They want your guns!

Radio Ads: If the Thin Red Line goes, so do your Second Amendment rights

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Michael Bloomberg donated $2 million to a political action committee to get an anti-gun governor elected and the virulent anti-gun group Moms Demand Action is celebrating Democrat Jared Polis’s primary night victory. Right now in Colorado, the only thing between the anti-gun Left and your right to defend yourself is what I call the “Thin Red Line.”

The Thin Red Line is the one-vote, pro-Second Amendment Republican majority in the Colorado State Senate. I’m State Senator John Cooke, proudly fighting to protect and strengthen the Thin Red Line. This year, I’m running for re-election for my second and final term to represent the great people of State Senate District 13.

To win and protect the Thin Red Line, I need your help!

Make no mistake, these groups and their candidates want your guns.

To get them, they must get Jared Polis elected and seize control of the State Senate so anti-firearms Democrats can strip away your right to defend yourself, your family, and your home.

Remember the last time the notorious Second Amendment hating NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg meddled in Colorado? We ended up with unenforceable, draconian gun control laws that made Colorado less safe.

Unfortunately the billionaire carpetbagger never really left. But for the last four years, we’ve been able to stop him because of the Thin Red Line. In 2018 we must hold it!

This is more than just our Second Amendment rights. For those in more rural parts of the state, it’s about our lifestyle. Bloomberg and his ilk, which includes my Democrat opponent, hate our values and our choice to responsibly own a firearm.

I hope I can count on you to help me.

I need $5,500 to produce and run radio ads to educate voters in my district and all of Colorado about what’s at stake in the 2018 election. I’m hoping to raise $1,000 through my freedomfy project to get my campaign almost 25 percent toward my goal.

I’m the only candidate in SD 13 who has a proven track record of protecting your Second Amendment rights. My opponent is running on a gun control platform. We must hold the Thin Red Line in the State Senate to ensure our right to defend ourselves and our families isn’t stripped from all of us in 2019.

With your help and a donation to  to John Cooke for Colorado Senate District 13, we can alert the voters of SD 13 and the rest of the state about Michael Bloomberg and anti-gun forces trying to inflict their progressive left values on us. This is urgent. Colorado’s balance of power and our Second Amendment rights are at stake.

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Retired Sheriff of Weld County Colorado. Now proudly serving the good people of Colorado Senate District 13.