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  • June 20, 2018 at 11:38 am
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On Friday, May 18th, the Colorado Springs City attorney presented the City’s belief that the Old North End Neighborhood (ONEN) wasn’t going to be materially affected by the proposed changes of narrowing their roads and stated that the neighbors didn’t even have the right to bring the issue to court.  The Mayor, through the City attorney, said he can make whatever changes he wants to our streets without consent of the people. The Judge disagreed with the City and halted progress of the project, pending a July trial. The residents in the ONEN have had an ongoing 10-year battle with city traffic engineers to fight the confiscation of their neighborhood traffic lanes in favor of bike lanes via “road diets”.

A “road diet” is an example of a street reconfiguration where one or more travel lanes formerly used to carry vehicular traffic are re-purposed for another use such as bicycle lanes (source- ). Some of the residents in the Old North End believe that road dieting will cause congestion and safety issues in their neighborhood.

After the failed Research Parkway experiment, our Mayor and several members of our city council continue to support our traffic planners in their misguided efforts. At the time of the announcement that he was ending the failed Research Parkway road diet experiment, Mayor Suthers stated, “I continue to support the development of the 2017 Bike Master Plan. With that, the city will continue to conduct demonstration projects to assess viability of routes and locations, while assessing levels of community support or opposition.” (Source- ).

As a community, we need to have the mayor hear that we do not feel that road diets are in our best interest. Please, assist the Old North End Neighbors in their legal efforts and consider donating today. The city has made changes to the Downtown. Next on their list is the ONEN. Is your neighborhood the next one to be affected?

Here is a recent news story on the Old North End changes:

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