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She voted us out of our jobs; let's vote Galindo out of hers...

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  • April 3, 2019 at 9:51 pm
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We’ve had enough. We’re fighting back! And we need your help. 

A group of residents within House District 50, including Greeley, Garden City, and Evans, have united to form an issue committee to recall State Representative Rochelle Galindo because she voted us out of our oil and gas jobs. Now it’s time to vote her out of her job.

Galindo must think she represents Boulder because she regularly stands with Boulder against the hard working people of HD 50. Most recently she voted in favor of SB19-181, a bill that is a de facto ban on new oil and gas development, will devastate our economy, and is in complete contradiction of the will of voters in our district.

Last fall, we overwhelming rejected Proposition 112, also a de facto energy ban, 71-29 percent — a 42 percent margin! With her vote on 181, Galindo callously ignored us.

Galindo’s vote for SB 181 will destroy jobs and uproot families in our community. It will take much needed revenue away from K-12 education in Weld County and the state, and is likely to lead to higher taxes as the state has to make up revenue that otherwise would have been paid by Colorado’s oil and gas community.

Recently oil and gas workers attended her oil and gas roundtable event expecting to ask questions and have a dialogue. Instead, Galindo refused to answer and didn’t even bother to meet with them or other members of the community concerned about the legislation. Further, with her yes vote, Galindo completely disregarded all the voices in HD 50 and Weld County that urged her to vote “NO” on SB 181.

Galindo says SB 181 won’t destroy jobs. Well, there is one job it will destroy. Hers. We deserve better representation.

Additional votes also have shown that Galindo is closer to Boulder and Denver than she is to HD 50 residents.  She voted yes on the gun confiscation legislation (HB19-1077), stripping gun owners of due process and our right to defend ourselves.  And her vote in favor of National Popular Vote tethers HD 50 to the whims of elitist voters in California and New York that don’t reflect the values and concerns of the good people of HD 50.

Our issue committee Recall Rochelle Galindo is raising money to recall her because she doesn’t deserve to represent us and we can’t afford to wait until the next election to get her out of office. The legislature is still in session. Every one of them must know that when you betray us — your constituents, there is a cost. We need your help now!

We need 5700 verified signatures from House District 50 residents. Lots of people have volunteered to help collect signatures but we also need to pay to collect some as well. It costs $6 for each paid, verified signature. Our ask is for everyone to help pay for four signatures or $24.  Eight signatures, $48, would be even better. Every little bit helps. So, if it’s only $6 for one signature, we are grateful!

There’s more good news! If we raise $2,500, we have another funder who will match it! So every dollar you contribute equals $2 for the recall! All of that money will go to print petitions and collect signatures.

Below is the language we submitted to the Colorado Secretary of State for our petitions:

Rochelle Galindo, State Representative House District 50, continually fails to adequately support and represent the entire population within House District 50.  Representative Galindo fails to understand legislation negatively impacting her community and constituents.  Representative Galindo fails to understand oil and gas legislation and that a majority of her constituents recently rejected significant oil and gas restrictions. Representative Galindo fails to understand and recognize that energy companies pay over $490 million in Weld County taxes some of which are used to provide services to her constituents.  Representative Galindo prides herself on being a proponent of education but fails to understand that in Weld County, oil and gas property taxes put approximately $200 million into K-12 education. For these reasons, we are seeking a recall against Rochelle Galindo, State Representative House District 50.

Please, we need your help now! Give what you can and share it with your friends. We can’t do this alone!

Paid for by the Committee to Recall Rochelle Galindo

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Recall Rochelle Issue Committee Weld County, Colorado

We are a group of residents in House District 50 who will no longer tolerate State Representative Rochelle Galindo voting to harm the decent hardworking people of Greeley, Evans, and all of Weld County.