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Miss Liberty America is a national competition to Promote Liberty & the American Way!

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  • August 4, 2019 at 2:49 pm
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Miss Liberty America™ is slated be a televised national competition/pageant dedicated in discovering America’s true feminine patriots and giving them the opportunity to showcase their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, the handling, safety and use of firearms, CPR, patriotism, intelligence, talent and beauty on a national stage.  The pageant show will be produced as a pilot to be pitched to the networks.

The MLA™ pageant will break ALL stereotypes of current beauty queens by being the first of its kind to introduce competency in the HANDLING, SAFETY, and USE OF FIREARMS and CPR!  There will also be an award given for to a contestant for marksmanship;  the MISS MARKSMAN™ award!

Contestants must know the handling, safety and use of firearms.

More than 75% of Americans don’t know or understand the the U.S. Constitution and it’s under attack and it must be preserved.  It’s the very reason our platform is Liberty, Freedom, the U.S. Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence.  There will be 30 delegates chosen from across America and they will be judged on their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, gun safety, CPR, beauty, talent, a strict code of ethics, morals and additional standards set forth by Miss Liberty America including a minimum 3.5 G.P.A..  For a full list of requirements and rules visit  MISS LIBERTY AMERICA

This is an exciting time in our country and the Miss Liberty America™ organization will make its debut (with your help) trumping ALL national pageants in its patriotism, integrity, reputation, and excellence.  We will require each contestant to embrace the documents of America’s founding fathers and social platforms that champion gun safety, CPR, civic duty, personal responsibility, fundraising events for Military Veterans and their families and organizations dedicated to preserving our civil rights and liberties.


The pageant will be hosted in beautiful NW Arkansas!


MISS LIBERTY AMERICA™ Can save life and defend it!


MLA™ will raise money for Military Veterans and their families!

We need your help to raise $250,000 to produce the MISS LIBERTY AMERICA™ pageant,  a pilot video, national advertising, and social media outreach. 

This project is GOLIATH, but together WE are DAVID!

All of the funds raised from this campaign will finance the process and production of the pageant.   I believe more than ever we have a mandate in America for such an event.  This will be spectacular event and only the best will be hired to deliver you a show of a lifetime.  Be sure and check out the website MISS LIBERTY AMERICA™ for any additional questions you may have.  I will also be on hand to answer any questions that have not been qualified on this campaign.

The MISS LIBERTY AMERICA™ organization would like YOU to join us when we unveil and showcase one of the most exciting events in Television History!  YOU can help us make it happen.  Together with your help we will revolutionize and transform the pageant industry.  With your participation we will discover and celebrate the best of America’s  feminine patriots while promoting our Military, Liberty and the American Way!  Become a sponsor today, your generosity will make an immeasurable difference in your life and America’s future.  America is the only country where Liberty and Freedom reigns supreme and it’s worth preserving at any cost.  Thank you in advance for your support!  Be sure and visit our website: MISS LIBERTY AMERICA™

If you know anyone in the national media or you have an influential friend (maybe in Washington) who could assist in getting the word out about MISS LIBERTY AMERICA™  I encourage you to reach out.  We need a show like this instead of what is given to us by the liberal networks.  There isn’t much time, so act today and YOU will be PROMOTING LIBERTY & THE AMERICAN WAY!™

In Liberty,

Alicia Hayes

Founder | Creator | President


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Alicia Hayes Rogers, Arkansas

Alicia Hayes is a Writer/Director/Producer and Editor. She is an autodidact in all areas of creativity that spans the mediums of voice-over, music composition, acting, singing, photography, makeup, painting and film production. Earlier in her career she was a radio personality hosting shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas. She later went on to enjoy a successful career in the entertainment industry as a makeup artist. Hayes worked and collaborated with three time Emmy winning Costume Designer; Birgit Muller of CBS's 'The Bold & the Beautiful' as a graphic designer, wardrobe stylist and supervisor for over 15 years.

In 2009 the concept of a patriotic pageant/reality show was born. She developed the concept of MISS LIBERTY AMERICA to its maturity for launch. In 2010 she went on to make national news on MSN's Today Show, Politico, The Week, Mediaite and many others. However; the timing, finances and the nations political climate made it difficult. Alicia is determined and continues to forge ahead with Promoting Liberty & the American Way!

2011 Hayes self published two books; "Vero"--a book of poetry and her book simply titled "Alicia Hayes"--featuring her paintings. In 2013 Hayes had an exclusive exhibit with the renowned Regis Gallerie at the Venetian, Las Vegas. Alicia has produced paintings for Larry King, Howard Hewett and Jack Nicholson.

Alicia Hayes established VERO 8 PICTURES production company in 2015. Collectively her films have garnered 5 wins and 7 nominations for 'Best Short Film. Hayes' completed her latest short dramatic film "LA FERA" which will soon be on Direct TV and Amazon Prime.