Christian movies designed to make Christianity appealing to Younger Generations

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  • August 19, 2020 at 7:24 pm
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Younger generations have been led away from God by communist professors and a corrupt media. 20-somethings have been brainwashed to behave like animals, riot in the streets and kill. Conversely, as we all know, young people who attend church are respectful and at peace within their society. If brainwashed teens and twenty-somethings will not go to church and return to behaving like sane and rational human beings on their own, then this motion picture mission will bring the word of God to them on their own terms, with exciting, live-action special effect thrillers in 3D featuring hip and identifiable Christian characters on the big screen all across America to inspire them to go to church and bring our society back to normal.

David Rosler’s creative and technical talents have been featured in motion pictures and television for decades by some of the biggest company names in Hollywood and his team is comprised of highly experienced experts with terrific credentials, including New York Times bestselling novelist Michael Prescott. The production values of the tests for David’s Christian movie projects have been absolutely proven equal to Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters – and in teenager-desired 3D – and that’s a huge, unique advantage for successfully speaking to younger audiences to bringing them back to God.

Think with your mind, search your heart; based on everything God has said, we all know what God wants all of us to do at this moment. We will all stand before Him and there can be no excuses. Now is the time to help this visible and well-regarded Christian outreach mission to bring younger audiences back to God before the world is plunged into complete chaos and darkness, possibly forever.

We can change the world, but we cannot do it alone.  Please give generously.

$25.oo – Thank you credit in movie.
$50 – Thank you credit in movie and  Orbiter baseball cap (Royal blue with Gold orbiter Logo)
$100 – Thank you credit in the movie and tough Orbiter duffel bag (Royal blue, black trim, gold Orbiter logo)
$500 – Thank you credit in the movie with cap and duffel bag autographed by the director
$1,000 – Extra large thank you credit in the movie with cap, duffel bag and hard copy of the screenplay autographed by the director (screenplay to be sent upon Theatrical Premier).
$5,000 – All of the above plus Invitation for two to Theatrical Premier and round-trip airfare for two attendees, meet and greet with director, writers, actors, more.

$10,000 – All of the above plus  participation: 1/4 of 1 percent of the producer’s gross up distribution for 2 years (likely earning for donor of  $150,000.00 based on 0.25 percent  of average gross for theatrical Christian motion pictures with no name and no special effects of $60,000,000.00. We believe it is extremely reasonable to expect that well-written, high-end-production Orbiter in stereoscopic 3D will easily break $100 million, most to be used for the flooding of theaters with additional Christian movies. Be sure to read our FAQ. ) .

Please give generously and help us to save the world from brainwashed younger generations gone out of control. God must be re-established in our society very quickly, or our society will fall.

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