Help Jen and Waters Edge Winery!!!

Tri-County Health has ordered Jen Hulan, owner of Waters Edge Winery, to shut her business

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  • May 7, 2020 at 6:23 pm
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Jen and her husband, Chad, a 1st Gulf War Veteran, are a humble middle class family trying to live out their American Dream.  Both, from meager beginnings, worked hard to save up a small nest egg that they used to open their own piece of the American Pic, Waters Edge Winery & Bistro in Centennial, Colorado.  For five years and against all odds, they made this little business a success.  It was through long hours, sweat, many tears and true grit that they became “#1 Wine Bar” by the Denver A-List in 2018.

Jen and Chad are deeply passionate, hard working business owners that hold tight to small government and big FREEDOM principles.  Over the last eight years, Jen has become an active and outspoken conservative involved with various local groups.  She and her business have been targeted in the past due to her political involvement and activism, but that has never stopped her from standing up for what is right and taking action.  Over the last month she has been struggling to stay afloat due to the draconian measures put in place by Governor Jared Polis and Tri-County Health.

Jen explains, “Unless you are a small business owner, it’s hard to understand the devastation that a month of low/no sales can do to a small business.  My employees are like family.  Some of them have been with me for years.  I care deeply for all of them as well as my customers.  I take pride in those relationships that we’ve built.”

Jen Hulan is making a stand for freedom, for her employees and for the years of tenacity making her business a success.  Restaurants and wineries are some of the hardest businesses to run under normal circumstances but Jen has never backed down.  She has never given up.  A 2005 Ohio State University study states that 60% of restaurants close or change ownership in the first year of business with 80% closing within the first five years.

Jen is an independence-loving entrepreneur who receives satisfaction by contributing to society, providing jobs and serving the community.  All that said, this is about freedom for Jen.  She believes the government is overstepping people’s freedom of choice.  She has taken all the responsible steps to ensure a clean and safe dining experience for her patrons.

All money raised, net of processing fees, goes directly to Jen and Waters Edge Winery.  Help Jen with her legal and operating expenses!

Kim Monson

Radio host of The Kim Monson Show on KLZ 560 am, and America’s Veteran’s Stories with Kim Monson on EZ 1430 am.

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