Fix Our Damn Roads!

Fix Our Damn Roads without raising taxes!

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  • July 11, 2018 at 3:58 pm
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Sick of sitting in traffic? So are we!

Sick of hearing that the only way to Fix Our Damn Roads is by taking more of your money? So are we!

Sick of seeing our money spent on bike lanes and trolleys and not on our roads? So are we!

Fifty years ago, when there were 1.5 million people in Colorado, the highway heading north from Denver and Fort Collins was two lanes in each direction. The highway heading south from Denver to Colorado Springs was two lanes in each direction. Today Colorado has close to six million people, and that highway in still just two lanes heading north and south. Maybe it’s time to fix the damn roads!

Roads are a core function of government, but the state legislature has been ignoring them for over a decade. A decade ago 10 percent of the state budget went to roads, then it dropped to about six percent. It’s no wonder we’re always stuck in traffic. It’s no wonder we are frustrated. But

There is a solution. The Independence Institute is spearheading a citizen’s initiative to force the legislature to do their job and restore funding for the most needed road projects around the state. We call it Fix Our Damn Roads. When passed it requires the state to bond $3.5 billion to be spent ONLY on CDOT’s top roads and bridge projects, these projects are specifically listed and written into the measure, so there can’t be any funding bait-n-switch games. So, none of the funding goes to trolleys or bike lanes – only to roads and bridges.

And this will be done WITHOUT RAISING TAXES OR FEES. Of course, the legislature will have to reallocate less than two percent of its budget to pay for it, but with $1.3 billion in surplus this year alone, we think they can do it. After all, lawmakers found plenty of money to fund Quentin Tarantino slasher movies, expensive cars for rich people, and Obamacare.

Turn your frustration into action. Help us get signatures to ensure that Fix Our Damn Roads gets on the ballot! It cost $3 for every signature.

Please, can you donate enough to pay for 10, 30, 100, or maybe even 1000 signatures? The need is urgent! Every little bit helps! Just $9 pays for three signatures!

If we don’t get this on the ballot, it opens the door for Denver-centric corporate interests to raise the state sales tax by 21 percent!

It’s time our elected officials finally do their damn job and Fix Our Damn Roads. That happens only if we get Fix Our Damn Roads on the ballot!

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Fix Our Damn Roads Colorado

2018 ballot measure to allow Coloradans to vote to make the State Legislature fund maintenance and expansion of our state highways and crumbling bridges.