Don’t Drown Tabor

Don't let the Colorado Flood District drown TABOR

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  • September 11, 2018 at 6:46 pm
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The website can be found at I was able to figure out how to get a website setup by myself for $20 instead of $1,000.00. The plan is to have it fully ready by October 22nd. Once the website is ready I will have social media accounts setup.


The Urban Drainage and Flood Control District wants to increase their mill levy by 79% starting next year, for a year over year increase of $14 million. This is ballot question 7G. Over 60% of Colorado residents, that’s 3 million people live within this special taxing district that was created by the Colorado legislature in 1969. The Flood Control District can only raise their property tax this much by asking the voters for a special exemption from the Colorado Tax Payer’s Bill of Rights. Those who hate our rights derogatorily hide behind the term “De-Brucing”. This would then allow the district to also possibly increase their property tax levy by 5.5% each year after that. The local media in Denver is already providing free press to the district and so we need to create a counterweight to defend against this attack on our rights. We don’t have a lot of time.

The Flood Control District has already wasted about $1.4 million of your property taxes to “educate” taxpayers about why they are important. They did this explicitly to prepare voters to vote yes on the upcoming November ballot. This $1.4 million was not spent to protect us from flooding or to improve drainage but rather an indirect political ad campaign as detailed below.

TV & Cable $750K
Digital Communications $450K
Social Media $50K
Print material $50K
Contingency $100K

For voters to provide input to the State of Colorado regarding how bad this idea is we have only until September 21st to provide the reasons why this is a bad idea. Please provide seed money to get the idea out and to create a website to provide reasons for why TABOR must be protected! I’m not asking for $1.4 million to spend on ads. This is a David and Goliath campaign but we can expose this corrupt attempt at violating your rights. Here is how I plan to spend the funds.

$2,300 black and white mailers and postage notifying individuals about this attempt to get around TABOR.

$138 Processing fees collected through FreedomFy

If you fund even further than what I am asking I will be putting 94 cents out of every dollar ( remember $0.06 processing fee) towards creating a Youtube worthy video that can be shared on social media. Remember, the Flood Control District has already spent $1.4 million of your tax dollars to convince voters they need more taxes and power.

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Karl NorthWest Denver Metro

I am a financial professional who got my first taste of the liberty movement here in Colorado in 2012 while still in college. I would like to impact future generations by reminding them that the reason why we can enjoy such an incredible standard of living is because of the free markets we often take for granted.