Chamber Transit: Bus passes for car driving hypocrites

Chamber transit: Bus passes for car-driving hypocrites

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  • September 13, 2018 at 10:33 pm
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The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce really wants Coloradans out of their cars and into busses, trains, and bike lanes. Well, they want most Coloradans, meaning people like you and me, out of our cars. That’s why the Chamber and its coalition of tax-and-spend corporatists and elitists are the driving force behind a 21 percent increase in the state sales tax to be used for public transit, local slush funds, and a smattering of road projects (Prop. 110)

The dirty secret is the Chamber and its coalition are actually addicted to their own cars, so they need the rest of us out of our vehicles. Fewer cars means less traffic for them as they enjoy their private transportation.

How do we know about this closeted addiction?  We did the research and found that the issue committee supporting the tax increase spends $2100 per month on parking — for their cars, not busses or trains. The committee also recently paid a $100 parking ticket. They have a problem.

We at Fix Our Damn Roads can read the warning signs. The Denver Chamber and its issue committee are crying for help to break their addiction to their cars. That’s why we are asking for your help raising $550 to buy them five one-month bus passes so they can be the role models for public transportation that we know they want to be.

Each pass costs $99 plus our fees. We are asking for everyone to donate $11 toward a pass. Ten $11 donations equals one pass. To fulfill our passes promises we need 50 $11 donations. We will deliver the passes to them personally to be sure they get into the hands of those who need them most along with a personal note from us.

Please, show them you care by helping us help the public transit advocates break their car addiction so they can live up to their own ideals and shed their hypocrite label.

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