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Principled Republican Leadership for Arizona's future

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  • March 29, 2018 at 10:57 am
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I believe Arizona’s best days are ahead of us. We have a rising economy, low cost of living and weather you can’t beat. But the world is changing. State issues and challenges are becoming more complicated. Arizona needs a leader with a track record of solving complex problems and delivering results. It’s time we elect a leader for Arizona’s future.

Arizona’s long-term success depends on a strong, robust economy. By maintaining a low tax and regulatory environment, Arizona can continue to be a destination state for business investment. We need to clear the way for entrepreneurs and job creators to thrive in the free market. One place Arizona can improve is training a skilled workforce to prepare for the jobs of the future. College isn’t for everyone but it is critical our residents have the skills to compete in a competitive job market.

Public education is the number one issue facing our state. It serves as the bedrock of our economy, our democracy and our future. We need to define spending priorities that have the highest impact on our students. Our mission should be to provide the highest quality of education to the most students, regardless of zip code.

We are expected to live within our means and the government should be no different. Every budget should balance, and I would support a federal balanced budget amendment to the constitution. Citizens entrust us with their tax dollars to make hard choices to fund needs and not wants, and we must join these discussions with an open mind and attentively listen to all sides prior to making decisions.

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