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  • March 12, 2019 at 10:32 am
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Every day Complete Colorado  brings original reporting to Coloradans from a right-of-center perspective that has long been missing in Colorado media.

Sherrie Peif, has been on the road to that style of journalism for Complete for nearly five years now. Her hunger for continuing education is what allows her to bring you the latest in what’s happening around the state in the world of politics and education. Conferences allow reporters to the get the latest and most valuable information available.

That is exactly why Sherrie wants to attend the The Defending Freedom Action Summit (DFAS), to hear what the experts are saying about preserving your rights and report back to you in her role as a reporter for Complete Colorado, giving you the tools you need to lead Colorado to liberty, freedom, and a constitutionally sound state.

But she needs your help to get there. Please consider a donation in any amount to help send her on her way and get the information back to you.

Here is the scoop on what this conference has to offer:

The election of 2018 has sent Colorado in a different direction. Democrats now control the both chambers of the General Assembly, the Governor’s mansion, Secretary of State, Attorney General’s office and the State Treasurer’s office.

In the first 75 days of the 2019 legislative session, legislators have passed or introduced bills that will infringe on the following freedoms:

  • Coloradan’s no longer have a say in the Presidential election; our votes will go to the winner of a non existent National Popular Vote.
  • The 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th and 14th Amendments are all being ignored with the passage of the country’s most liberal “Red Flag” law, allowing guns to be taken away from people who are deemed a “high risk” by nearly anyone who wants to report them. The person who is reported gets no initial chance to defend himself, confront his accuser or even know the order is happening, resulting in an ex-parte hearing. Eventually the accused (up to as long a a year later) can fight for his or her guns back but will need a higher level of proof they are mentally sound than what was needed to take them away. In addition, there is nothing in the bill that will address the mental health aspect.
  • After voters overwhelmingly said no to oil and gas regulations in the 2018 election, Democrats in the Legislature are coming after it anyway. Colorado — which is home to the second largest producer of oil in the US in Weld County — is likely to be pushed into a recession as new regulations on oil and gas production will place a defacto ban on the industry. It is likely to throw Colorado into bankruptcy.
  • The Taxpayer Bill of Rights, which has afforded Colorado one of the best economies nationwide by limiting the states budget to growth plus inflation, is being assaulted and Democrats want to take away the voters consent to spend or tax.
  • The death penalty is under consideration to abolish. The Governor has said he will commute the sentences of all already on death row if it passes.
  • New “fees” are being considered to force employers to pay for family medical leave. This “fee” is a payroll tax that is being implemented outside the restrictions of TABOR. An employers payroll tax is expected to grow by 30 percent. This will cripple small businesses.
  • New “fees” are being considered on gas. This “fee” is a tax that is being implemented outside the restrictions of TABOR.
  • New spending for All Day Kindergarten.

These are only the surface of what’s taking place at the capitol this year. They are being passed quickly and without stakeholder input or debate. So what does the future hold? Complete Colorado reporter Sherrie Peif wants to dig deeper into that question.

DFAS will address a wide variety of topics on the very issues facing Colorado today.

The current lineup of topics includes:

  • Gun rights on campus
  • The future of gun rights and the 2nd Amendment
  • Defending liberty on college campuses
  • The 2nd Amendment and women’s rights
  • The Trump movement
  • Advancing liberty
  • Criminal Justice reform
  • How to get more conservative voice in journalism
  • Exposing liberal bias on campus
  • Free speech on campus

And much more.

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Sherrie Peif joined Complete Colorado as a K-12 Education Reporter in November 2014 after spending the previous 13 years at the Greeley Tribune. While at the Tribune, Sherrie covered everything from sports and general assignment to education and politics. In 2016, she became Complete Colorado’s investigative reporter, covering state wide politics.

Sherrie graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2003 with a degree in Communication Arts and Sciences, News Editorial. She also graduated from Aims Community College in Greeley in 1998 with an Associate of Arts Degree in Communication and in 1999 with a Certificate in Broadcast Television. She also completed all her course work for a Master’s degree in Secondary Education, English Language Arts.

Born and raised in Greeley, where she still lives, Sherrie has one son, who is attending College in Ohio and fulfilling his lifelong dream of pitching at the collegiate level. She enjoys all sports, mostly football and baseball, and spends most of her free time supporting her son and his teams.

Sherrie has won numerous awards for her work over the years from some of the top journalism associations including the Society of Professional Journalists, Colorado Associated Press Editors and Reporters and the Colorado Press Association (CPA). Her proudest moment was in 2012 when she swept all three places in the Education beat at the CPA Better Newspapers Award Banquet. She competed against education writers from nearly every medium-market daily newspaper in Colorado, such as the Boulder Daily Camera, the Longmont Times Call, the Pueblo Chieftain and the Fort Collins Coloradoan.

While in college at Metro State, Sherrie fondly recalls listening to Jon Caldara on the radio as she commuted from Greeley. She was excited to begin the next step in her career working for Jon and helping shift the paradigm for education reporting. She started that work during the 2015 election where her series “Know Before You Go” got the attention of many mainstream newspapers, which followed her lead with many stories dealing with the Jefferson County Public Schools Board of Education recall effort and the Thompson School District Board of Education fight to separate itself from the union.

She was also part of the successful investigation with Complete Colorado’s Todd Shepherd into misinformation reported by 9News during one of its election “Truth Tests.” The investigation led to a KUSA anchor making an on-air correction and apology for the many factual errors that plagued the station’s original “Truth Test” report. The entire affair was ultimately given a write-up by Columbia Journalism Review.

She is a champion of open records and has used the Colorado law to break many stories uncovering government and other ethical compromises. She uncovered a plan by the Colorado Education Association to organize a state wide teacher walkout that would have caught many school districts off guard otherwise. And she successfully fought Weld County in Weld District Court over the release of the employment files of a county employee, which the county attorney claimed were not open records, as well as exposing the county commissioners for holding ex parte meetings.

She has appeared frequently on several radio talk shows with personalities including Mike Rosen, Mandy Connell, Jimmy Lakey, and Jimmy Sengenberger and is a regular guest on News Talk 1310 KFKA on the Gail Fallen Show as a political analyst and insider.